About Us

Ryan and I married in 1998 and have three children. Our youngest son Justin (JD) is involved in all the day to day operations and is a young ranch hand that enjoys anything and everything to do with farming. Our two oldest children (Rylee and Madison) are in college and enjoy admiring the animals and helping out if available when needed. All 3 kids have attended meetings from time to time. Rylee, our oldest son, gets photo credit for the black and white photo on our homepage.

Our love of Longhorns started out like many others. There is a longhorn farm about 3 miles from our home that, for years, we’d drive by often just to look at the magnificent animals. We had always dreamed of owning ONE some day as a pet. Well, my husband stopped by this farm one day and met Johnny & Missy Hicks who became our mentors and friends. Ryan, his brother and his Dad had raised a few beef cattle in the past, but we were intrigued to learn how lean the longhorn beef is and how docile the animals can be. In 2014 we purchased 3 Texas Longhorn steer (with Ryan’s parents- Gary & Pam Andrews). Initially our plan was to raise our own home-grown, lean beef. We were not disappointed.

It wasn’t long before we added a heifer, then a couple cows. Spring of 2017 was the first time calves had been born on our property- that was exciting!!. We attended our first GLTLA meeting in August 2016. Wow, what a nice group of people -we were blessed to have been so warmly welcomed.

One weekend, while I was at work Ryan informed me he and the kids were going to “look” at some Longhorns at another local farm. Well, that led to us doubling our herd (Oh my! I knew he wasn’t just “looking” ha ha). We attended our first Horn Showcase in Lawton, Oklahoma in 2017 where we purchased another wonderful addition to our little farm. Well, it’s a familiar story amongst many Texas Longhorn breeders… we were hooked and in total awe of these beautiful, docile, majestic animals. We continue to be in awe and are striving to build a healthy, colorful herd with unique/solid pedigrees, a respectful disposition and impressive horns. The longhorn community is comprised of some genuinely kind hearted individuals with a common passion for an amazing breed and we are proud to be part of it.

-Audrey Andrews

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